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At Skyway we offer a rapid prototyping (RP) service to complement our in-house tooling facility. Rapid prototyping allows companies to turn innovative ideas into successful end products rapidly and efficiently.

Our in house wax build facility has the ability to build sacrificial wax patterns within hours of receipt of the CAD files. These wax patterns can be converted into fully functional metal castings within 10 days.

Alternatively, SLA resin Models can be built from CAD data and used as a master for soft Silicone Rubber tooling to be made. Small production runs can then be produced from this tooling.

We also use CNC process based on your CAD files to provide aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other metal materials for hand plate making.

Rapid Prototyping offers a range of benefits to the customer:

  • In tandem with our casting simulation service, RP ensures that your product is validated through the casting process, mitigating any risks when transitioning to production tooling.
  • Lead times are much shorter, typically 3-4 weeks, bringing greater efficiency.
  • Product development times are accelerated as parts in the correct alloy are made available for pre-production trials.
  • Product changes are readily adaptable with no expensive tooling modification needed.
  • Our RP facility manufactures directly from your product design models
  • Effective and efficient validation of design fit and function
  • Greater design flexibility, enabling you to test multiple design options
  • Rapid conveying of your design concepts


When it comes to product development and manufacture, time is of the essence. That’s why Skyway has a competitive advantage when it comes to expediting rapid product development.

Our tooling department are experienced in creating highly complex tooling with tight tolerance. The product development activities is supported by an integrated mold making facility located on its ground floor. The rich precision mold design experience ensures the best quality parts are produced from our tooling.

Our CAD/CAM and direct machining capabilities allow us to take part database files and turn them in to cores and cavities quickly. Complex shapes and contours are not a problem for our CNC professionals. With high speed 3 axis CNC mills, we can cut any material quickly. All programming is done in-house.

Using all of the latest mold design concepts, our molds are built with precision and made to last. With in-house CNC, EDM, heat treating and polishing, we have full control of the entire moldmaking process.

We have been evolving our tool room capabilities and meeting our customers’ expectations since 2007 thanks to constant investment in technology and the people skilled to operate it.

Our designers and toolmakers will work directly with you to advance your concept drawings to the production stage through a combination of cutting edge technology and professional skills.

What we need from you:

  • CAD model geometry in the following formats: IGES, Solidworks SLDPRT, Parasolid  X_T, Step .STP
  • We are also able to utilise other CAD geometry formats (including some native CAD files)

Tooling Equipment List

CNC milling machine center11
Deep hole drill1
Wire cutting machine6
Slow wire cutting machine1
Grinding machine5

Skyway uses the investment casting process(Lost Wax casting) to fabricate a great range of products and components, from small aluminium washers to explosion- proof enclosures for oil & gas areas. The advantages of the process include accuracy of design, integrity of cast, versatility of production and low cost repeat runs.

Whilst the process itself is more expensive per unit than other manufacturing processes, it is capable of producing parts in alloys that cannot be produced by any other methods. It can also produce complicated shapes that would be very difficult or impossible to achieve with die casting.

We have grouped the metal types for ease of reference.

  1. Carbon Steel / Low Alloys
  2. Stainless alloys
  3. Copper base alloys
  4. Aluminium alloys
  5. Nickel and Cobalt base alloys

At Skyway, we provide a complete solution to your casting needs.


Investment casting Equipment List

Wax Injection Machine (Max. Φ700mm)6
Shell-Drying Conveyer System2
De-Waxing Furnace (Max. Φ 1200mm)2
Pre-Heat Furnace (Max. size 1200mm)2
High Frequency Furnace (100 kg * 2)1
High Frequency Furnace (150 kg * 2)1
High Frequency Furnace (250 kg + 350 kg)1
Shot Blasting Machine4
Sand Blasting Machine5
Hydraulic Press Machine5
Heat Treatment Furnace (500 kg)1
Vibration Polishing Machine (Φ900mm)1

Die casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal is poured or forced into steel molds. The molds—also known as tools—are created using steel and are specially designed for each project. This allows each component to be created with accuracy and repeatability. Aluminum, Zinc, and Magnesium are the most commonly used die casting alloys.

Benefits of Die Casting 

Die casting can have significant advantages over other manufacturing processes, which often lead to major cost savings, not only in the part price itself but also in the overall cost of production. When you cast a part, you can create complex net shapes, including external threads and complex internal features with minimal draft angles—minimizing secondary operations. You can also combine multiple parts into a single part, eliminating assembly operations and lowering labor costs, with the added benefits of simplified stock control and greater component consistency.

Other benefits of die casting include:

  • Variable wall thicknesses
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Fewer steps from raw material to finished part
  • Fast production cycle times
  • Reduction in material scrap
  • Long tool life, especially for zinc and magnesium

Benefits of Die Casting Alloys

Zinc, aluminum, and magnesium are the three main die casting alloys. They are normally non-ferrous and their mechanical properties vary greatly to fit almost every type of application a manufacturer may need. Not only can die cast alloys withstand high operating temperatures, but they are also fully recyclable. Die cast alloy also have:

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High strength and hardness
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Outstanding EMI/RFI shielding properties
  • Good finishing characteristics

Our production capacity in pressure die casting:

  • Own 30 sets of various die casting machines (160T – 1600T);
  • Annual inputs of aluminum materials for production is more than 2,000 tons;
  • With more than 120 multiple series of products, mainly in fields of new energy, security, automotive parts and telecom;
  • With the smallest unit of 0.05KG, and the largest unit of 42.5KG;
  • Achieve the one-stop stream production of rough stamping, fine stamping and simple post-processing inside the die casting island.

Skyway can make forging parts from aluminum alloy, steel, copper and other alloy. We have complete equipment, reasonable layout and with more than 30 precision forging equipment of 1600T/600T/400T/300T/150T and lower tonnages as well as heating equipment, solid solution and aging equipment. We are also equipped with more than ten devices such as unloading equipment, heating furnace, solid solution and aging heat treatment furnace, and shot blasting device.

Our forging products extend to cover auto ultrasonic transducer shaped aluminum cases, auto air conditioning compressor piston swash plates, auto door connectors, lighting forge pieces, and forge pieces for complex electro-mechanical products, which are widely used in such spheres as automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, lighting, hardware tool, gift.

Applicable material:
1. All the deformed aluminum alloy: 1XXX~7XXX;
2. Copper and part of the alloy (≥58%Cu);
3. Special cold forging steel: GB-ML series, GIS-CH series and stainless steel SUS series, etc.

Forging Equipment List

600T cold precision forging machine1
450T double-action press1
550T column press1
300T precision forging machine4
Pressing machine below 150T12
400T friction screw press2
1600T friction screw press1
Medium-frequency heating furnace2
Mesh belt furnace3
Computer-controlled marking machine2
T6 furnace4

Skyway provides post precision machining services for Castings and forging. This is quite different from the general foundry supplier who does not possess the precision machining capability. Through this capability, we can finish the closed loop from casting to machining,so that we can provide one-stop services to our customers by providing their final demand parts. In this way, customers can reduce the risk and loss of many intermediate processes.

Machining Equipment List

Our Competitive Advantages

  1.  Specialize in machining to meet high requirements:processing accuracy can be up to 0.003mm;
  2. The online production, quality of CNC automatic unit line, MES control and intelligent manufacturing of equipment OEE;
  3. Support high mix low volume customers;
  4. Conform to rigid inspection plan;
  5. Just-in-time delivery and flexible supply;
  6. The favorable price.